Millimeter Nahi  Centimeter Bano.

Millimeter Nahi
Centimeter Bano.

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Ultimate guide to introduction to Industrial Robotics

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By : Uzair Shafiul

Welcome to this e learning Module on Basic Industrial Robotics Industrial robotics is a vast industry, and it changes quickly. The technology has changed dramatically in the past few decades, as has the volume and variety of deployments. For those who are new to the robotics industry, it may seem difficult to find a starting point. A broad overview of the types and benefits of automation can provide a basic understanding of industrial robotics technology and the growing robotics industry. They are making waves in a variety of industries, and in particular, the automotive industry. Furthermore, they increase productivity, make workplaces safer, and take over monotonous jobs. This way, humans can focus on jobs that require more skill. Even though initial costs are high, industrial robotics has shown that a lot of money can be saved as a result, and for years into the future. Industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing industry for a reason – they come with many bottom-line benefits. Their first and most important benefit is their efficiency. They complete tasks more quickly than manual work, and their uptime is significantly higher. The combination of speed and uptime leads to higher throughput at lower operating costs. In this Module We will learn about Applications, Specification, Programming, Mastering & Maintenance of an Industrial Robot.

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