Power System Protection : Protection of Transmission Lines with Relays

Detailed guide on all aspects of transmission line protection.

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Power System Protection : Protection of Transmission Lines with Relays
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This course includes

Concepts of transmission line protection, preparinig schematics for transmission line protection and specify protective relays.

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The module aims at teaching protection of transmission lines using overcurrent and earth fault relays. The details of relay settings are also provided. The module covers the latest numerical relays used for protection of transmission lines.


This course aims to teach protection of transmission lines. The course on Elements of Power System is a prerequisite.

You'll learn in this module

Upon successful completion of the module, the student will be able to 

  1. Learn concepts of transmission line protection.
  2. Develop protection schematics for transmission line protection.
  3. Carry out relay settings required.
  4. Specify and procure the protective relay for a given application.

Module Content

    1. Abnormalities in power system
    2. Functions of Protective Relaying system
    3. Typical Power System Network
    4. Basic Tripping Circuit
    5. Zones of Protection
    6. Requirements of Protective System
    7. Main and Back-up Protection
    8. Evolution of protective Relay Technology
    9. Protective Relays
    1. Radial Feeder Protection
    2. Directional Overcurrent Protection
    3. Coordination of Overcurrent and Earth-fault Relays in an Interconnected Power System
    4. Specifications of Overcurrent and Earth-fault Relays for purchasing the relays
    5. Facilities Provided in Modern Numerical Overcurrent and Earth-fault Relays

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